Testimonials from Congregants and Community Members

Below are quotes from reference letters written by members of DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church, where I served from August 1, 2014 until December 31, 2018, and from leaders in the community. The complete letters are available upon request and contain contact information. Additional recommendations from members and staff from DuPage UU Church are available upon request.

cheryl clayton.png

Cheryl Clayton, Chair of the Social Justice Committee at DuPage UU Church

“Reverend Tom has been a driving force behind the members of this group who wish to realize positive social change; we shall forever be inspired and grateful that he has chosen to walk this path with us…Reverend Tom has also taught us how and why ‘We must do the things we think we cannot do.’ (Eleanor Roosevelt)”

Tom Chockley, Board Member of DuPage UU Church for three Years During my Ministry

“At DuPage UU Reverend Capo was instrumental in revitalizing a moribund social justice committee. He worked with church members to select a church-wide focus on racism and criminal justice. Likewise, he worked in concert with religious leaders and government officials advocating religious tolerance and civic engagement.”

bev becker.png

Bev Becker, Board Member of Dupage UU Church for three years during my ministry

“Tom has broadened the reach of this church to the smaller and larger community in the Chicago area. He has integrated himself into the greater UU minister’s community, into the Muslim and Black communities and into the law enforcement community…Tom has become a known leader among the clergy in our area. In an Interfaith service at Congregation Beth Shalom after the killing of Jews in the synagogue in Pennsylvania, Tom was one of about ten clergy sitting up on the Bima in front and he was one of those who spoke to the assembly of around 1,000 people…Tom walks his talk. He is open to every sort of person and inclusive of all. He gives of his time and energy to people in need and those who are suffering…I worked on the development of 3 Sunday Services and 1 memorial service with Tom. In all of these, he has been available and present to work with those of us involved. He has helped us with both format and content and has provided suggestions and critiques that we always found helpful.”

Thomas Baldwin, Chair of the Committee on Ministries at DuPage UU Church

“Reverend Tom is deeply committed to the areas of pastoral care, his and others’ spiritual growth, and social justice…Reverend Capo has demonstrated to me the capacity to generously receive and positively act upon assessments of his ministry. I believe his self-understanding combined with a genuine love of his ministry, his congregation and its people are qualities to be not only admired, but vigorously sought in a minister”

sue gately.png

Sue Gately, Co-Chair of the DuPage UU Church Pastoral Ministry Associates

“Reverend Tom’s counseling background enabled him to assist many people through short-term counseling…Also he used his talents assisting our Pastoral Minister Associates…it has been a delight working with Rev. Tom…when there was a death in our community, Rev. Tom took time to support those closest to that person and help them find a way to memorialize that person appropriately…I work with Rev. Tom helping in our community’s homeless overnight care. Monthly Rev. Tom became part of our kitchen group, cooking breakfast to feed the hungry adults and families.”

regina brent.png

Regina Brent, Community Organizer and Director of Unity Partnership

“While there were many clergy who delayed in answering the call of social justice, [Rev. Tom was] the first respondent to arrive and address whatever situation was at hand. Needless to say, [his] input was very crucial to the community and government because [he has] and will always be held in highest respect for [his] integrity. I’ve witnessed many to call on [him] for prayer…[He] reached across Chicagoland to help with unemployment, jail reduced bonds and less sentencing for those in the urban cities. [He] assisted with building organizations that would serve the community in order to keep us living in safe places.”

bishop saffo.jpg

Bishop Dr. Reginald J. Saffo, Chairman Proviso Township Ministerial Alliance

“[Reverend Tom Capo’s] work with our Safe Summer Initiative has been very effective. Under his leadership, he has inspired his membership to become incarnated partners and supporters of this effort to provide safe summers for the less fortunate youth of their community.

Furthermore, we believe that men like Rev. Tom Capo are a necessary human quality in our society to ensure that fair play and social equity is actualized in all communities. We have witnessed his leadership and participation in the Social Justice movement in the Chicagoland area.”